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Smarter than the average city – New Songdo City, South Korea.

Songdo is not only an entirely new city, but it is an example of an “eco-city,” a term that describes the growing trend of new cities with plans focusing on sustainability, using smart technologies and strategic planning. The work ECCO International has done and continues to do on the wholesale energy market side will fit perfectly into the new SmartGrid concept.
As noted, “Everything will be connected — buildings, cars, energy — everything,” said Wim Elfrink, Cisco’s Bangalore, India-based chief globalization officer. “This is the tipping point. When we start building cities with technology in the infrastructure, it’s beyond my imagination what that will enable.” ECCO International, as part of the leading edge in energy market development supports the trend towards transparent price information. As we move toward the implementation of SmartGrid technologies these devices will be able to “communicate” to our “smart-appliances” and allow homes and businesses to manage their energy consumption based upon their own requirements.

A new utility for the 21st Century?
For Cisco, the provider of networking services, Songdo represents more than a chance to sell hardware. The San Jose company envisions its technology as the connector for all aspects of urban life: government services, utilities, entertainment, health care, education. The company envisions new business models built around its Telepresence technology — say a yoga class beamed into living rooms or medical checkups done remotely. All of these would be managed through a single Internet network, and Cisco would collect a recurring fee for maintaining the services, almost like a utility.
How will citizens act if telepresence becomes a daily part of life? Will they become more productive? Will they ever leave the house? Will healthcare costs drop? Will government effectiveness improve? How heavily will these systems be used?
Obviously the vision for Songdo goes far beyond the basic steps we are taking in the US related to Smartgrid implementation. ECCO International has been and continues to work with our clients to create innovative ways to facilitate not only markets but leverage Smartgrid development. Keeping current with the latest technologies and ideas is what ECCO International is about.